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Fallen Walls and Human Chains, 1989 to Today

Toy Lounge, Dey Hall

Thirty years ago, the Berlin Wall fell. This one event was linked to so many others: an election in Poland, a dismantled electrified fence in Hungary, candlelit marches, and a human chain of people joining hands up and down the … Continued

Hettleman Talks • Andrea Bohlman (Music, UNC)

Andrea Bohlman is an associate professor in the UNC Department of Music and a recipient of the 2020 Hettleman Award for Artistic and Scholarly Achievement. Her scholarship resides in the still relatively young academic field of sound studies. She integrates … Continued

Film Screening • Aftermath (Poland, 2013)

Varsity Theater, Chapel Hill 123 East Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, NC

Franek and Jozek Kalina, sons of a poor farmer, are brothers from a small village in central Poland. Franek immigrated to the United States in the 80’s, and cut all ties with his family. Only when Jozek’s wife arrives in … Continued

Visegrad Talks • Europe After Russia’s War Against Ukraine

4003 FedEx Global Education Center

Pawel Kowal is a Polish politician, political scientist and historian. Currently a professor at the Polish Academy of Sciences and a member of the Polish Parliament (Sejm), he was a secretary of state in Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2006-2007), … Continued

Film Screening • I Never Cry (Poland, 2020)

1015 Global Education Center 301 Pittsboro St, Chapel Hill

Ola must travel to Ireland to bring her father’s body back to Poland after he died working at a construction site. But never mind her dad, Ola wants to know if he saved money for the car he had promised. … Continued

Film Screening • The Balcony Movie (Poland, 2021)

Varsity Theater, Chapel Hill 123 East Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, NC

Can anyone be a movie hero? Can the world be locked in one film frame? Acclaimed Polish documentarian Paweł Łoziński directs his camera at the sidewalk below his balcony. On this gray strip of pavement, sandwiched between dull green grass … Continued

Cooking Class: Polish Pierogi

FedEx Global Center, Catering Kitchen 301 Pittsboro St, Chapel Hill, NC

Would you like to learn how to make authentic pierogi, world-famous Polish dumplings? Join Agnieszka Majewska, visiting professor of Polish, for a hands-on cooking class. Open to UNC students, faculty, and staff. All materials provided. Space is limited and registration … Continued