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Sydney Jean Greenwood | Fishers, Indiana
B.A. History, Purdue University

I chose to specialize in this region because Eastern Europe has such a rich history and has been involved in so many global conflicts but is not well known outside of some history classes. My ancestors also emigrated to the United States from the region, and I love exploring the region through family recipes. More about Sydney >>

Natalya Ryan | Cary, North Carolina
B.A. History, UNC-Wilmington

I enjoyed the wide variety of research specialties, robust Slavic language programs, and the personable (yet professional) culture among faculty and students. My research path is not yet set. However, I am interested in the themes of nationalism, legal history, and the role of religion in shaping culture and politics. More about Natalya >>

Elizabeth Grace Newhall | St. Louis, Missouri
B.A. Anthropology and German Literature and Culture, UNC-Chapel Hill

I have a deep fascination with understanding and solving social issues which plague our entire world. Eastern Europe in particular has had such a different approach from the United States to many of these issues. Understanding how the history and culture of a region impacts their approach to income disparity, discrimination, homelessness and access to healthcare is vital to addressing injustices. More about Elizabeth >>

Ermina Kroening | Bosnia and Herzegovina
B.A. Public Leadership, North Carolina State University

I developed a deep interest in language and culture at a very young age, but it wasn’t until I immigrated to the U.S. that I experienced diversity. I grew very fond of it, and I have always wanted to serve my country as a public servant. One day I plan on doing just that. I have a desire to give back by promoting U.S. diplomacy abroad. More about Ermina >>

Mario Sanchez Isabas | Worcester, Massachusetts
B.A. History and Public Policy, Washington & Jefferson College

My research interests lie within the transnational historical framework, specifically with Latin America, the former Soviet Union, and the current Russian Federation. I am most interested in Soviet Cold War Internationalism and Russian Internationalism. My current research delves into the Soviet use of academic opportunities and foreign study programs in the “third world” as a form of soft diplomacy. More about Mario >>

Nika Mukasashvili | Tbilisi, Georgia
B.A. Political Science, Tbilisi State University    

I am from Georgia, South Caucasus. Therefore, it was always the core of my interest to research the region’s regional politics, ethnic conflicts, and democratization. In Georgia, I worked as a researcher at Tbilisi State University and in several non-governmental organizations. More about Nika >>

Caroline Prout | Marietta, Georgia
B.A. History and Government, William & Mary

My family emigrated from Finland prior to Finland’s independence from Russia, so I have always had a connection to the region. It wasn’t until my sophomore year in undergrad that I took a class on Russian History since Stalin and that’s what sparked a deeper dive into the history, culture, and religion of Russia. More about Caroline >>

Katherine Kingma | Atlanta, Georgia 
B.A. History, Oberlin College

I am interested in political philosophy at the turn of the 20th century, disinformation, and Soviet Art. I like the flexibility in what courses could be taken in the program and that I can incorporate interests in tech and other disciplines. More about Kate >>