Liam Anderson | Charlotte, North Carolina
B.A. Political Science, St. Anselm College

I have always been fascinated by the former Soviet Union, in particular Russia. I really like the variety of classes available in the REEES track – classes in history, political science, and IR. I also appreciate the heavy language focus of the program and I’m looking forward to improving my Russian while I’m here. More about Liam >>


Sophia Ashley | Fayetteville, North Carolina
B.A. Psychology, Berry College

sophia-ashleyI was excited to find a program with both a global and regional component, and especially excited to see that the curriculum includes a study abroad opportunity during the third semester. The region has always fascinated me, and my study abroad experience in Moscow only amplified that fascination. More about Sophia >>


Michal Brzezicki | Cary, North Carolina
B.A. International Relations, NC State University


I was born in Eastern Europe, have spent significant amounts of time there, and have always had a passion for the history and politics of the region. The committed faculty, broad array of resources and opportunities, and the overall strength of the REEES program are it’s biggest selling points. More about Michal >>


Albert Cavallaro | New York, New York
B.A. History and English, The College of New Jersey

My interest in Russian history is very much connected to my interest in understanding the production of history, as I believe that the twentieth century political climates within both the United States and the USSR/Russia uniquely affected the writing of history, thus making work on this field more urgent than others. More about Albert >>


Walter Gay | Trinidad and Tobago
B.A. History, UNC – Greensboro 

My research interests include the resilience of radical intellectual movements in Imperial Russia during the late 19th and early 20th century, the spread of communist ideology in Latin American and the Caribbean after World War II, and the issues of cultural identity among the ethnic Russian diaspora in former Soviet Baltic states. More about Walter >>


Kristina Juergensmeyer | Atlanta, Georgia
B.A. Linguistics, Emory University 


As a linguistics major, my primary interests focus on foreign languages and language comparison and learning. The flexible structure of the program allows me to both continue to pursue my interest in language and to explore a variety of global studies, history, and geography classes.
More about Kristina >>


Leah Valtin-Erwin | Alexandria, Virginia
B.A. East and Central European Studies, Hampshire College


I spent a good portion of my childhood in Berlin, where my early interest in the East and West ‘Europes’ began. The complexity of the continent and foreign perceptions of East & Central Europe are mesmerizing. The REEES program offers a focused language program and interesting courses with considerable flexibility and room for specialization. More about Leah >>


William Zang | Colfax, North Carolina
B.A. History, UNC – Greensboro

I began studying Russian history in my first year in college. I want to research Soviet relations with South America, specifically with countries other than Cuba, because that is a fairly well researched topic. I like the small cohort size of the REEES track and I feel very welcomed and supported at this point. More about William >>