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ACTR Russia
Program info: One of the longest-running and most respected Russian language and cultural immersion programs, RLASP combines intensive classroom instruction with a wide range of extracurricular activities, including internships and community service, regional field studies, conversation partners, and discussion groups with local students. The destinations include Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Vladimir as well as Almaty, Kazakhstan. For more information, visit the UNC Study Abroad Program page.

API: Dubrovnik, Croatia
Program info: Students who choose to study abroad in Dubrovnik with API will take courses at Libertas International University (formerly known as DIU Libertas International University). Libertas is the first private university in Croatia, ideally situated along the Adriatic Sea and located within the ancient city walls of Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik’s unique diplomatic and economic history makes it the perfect location to pursue the study of international affairs. For more information, visit the UNC Study Abroad Program page.

API: Kraków, Poland
Program info: The program focuses on the most significant issues of modern philosophy, anthropology, history, literary theories, art history and psychology. The main emphasis is placed on the modern and interdisciplinary character of 20th century cultural phenomena. Students have the option to take the courses in Polish or in English. For more information, visit the UNC Study Abroad Program page.

Burch Field Research Seminar: Vienna/Bosnia and Herzegovina/Kosovo
Program info: The Burch Field Research Seminar is a UNC faculty-led, summer program focused on the role of international organizations in conflict resolution and democracy building in the Balkans. Students spend three weeks in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo learning about the history of the region and the war that followed the breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. The final three weeks are spent in Vienna visiting international organizations and exploring how these organizations worked to end the conflict.

UNC Economics in Croatia
Program info: UNC Economics in Croatia is a a faculty-led, summer immersive experience in Croatia. The study abroad trip gives students an opportunity to integrate into the culture and learn about Croatia’s rich history. Along with courses taught by Dr. Rita Balaban, the students take classes with Croatian professors at the University of Split, where they learn about the country’s transition from socialism to membership in the European Union.

For funding resources to study abroad, please visit our funding page.