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The Moral Dilemmas of Being Rich, Powerful, and Uzbek Today

4003 FedEx Global Education Center

Uzbeks in independent Uzbekistan often say that the younger generation do not value learning or traditions but only making money. But those who do succeed in wealth find that there are heavy moral demands placed on them by the community. … Continued

Carolina Seminar with Mira Markham

4003 FedEx Global Education Center

Mira Markham is a PhD student at the UNC Department of History. Her dissertation examines how citizens in a rural region of Czechoslovakia engaged with state power while also maintaining and defending their traditional local identities, practices, and relationships during … Continued

Carolina Seminar with Paula Michaels

4003 FedEx Global Education Center

Paula Michaels is an Associate Professor at the Department of History at Monash University. Professor Michaels’ work bridges the histories of Eastern and Western Europe, integrating the USSR into a pan-European and global narrative through the study of social and … Continued