Sophia Ashley | Fayetteville, North Carolina
B.A. Psychology, Berry College

sophia-ashleyI was excited to find a program with both a global and regional component, and especially excited to see that the curriculum includes a study abroad opportunity during the third semester. The region has always fascinated me, and my study abroad experience in Moscow only amplified that fascination. More about Sophia >>


Kristal Bird | Anaheim, California
B.A. Business Administration, California State University-Fullerton

I am interested in the security issues, political structures, and economy of this region due to the vast differences that exist between the nation states of the former Soviet Union. CSEEES offers a well-rounded, but also focused degree covering my main interest of further understanding the world, specifically the REEES area. More about Kristal >>


Michal Brzezicki | Cary, North Carolina
B.A. International Relations, NC State University


I was born in Eastern Europe, have spent significant amounts of time there, and have always had a passion for the history and politics of the region. The committed faculty, broad array of resources and opportunities, and the overall strength of the REEES program are it’s biggest selling points. More about Michal >>


Matthew Clute | Mobile, Alabama
B.A. History, University of South Alabama


After I completed my requirements at South Alabama, I had the opportunity to live and study in Saint Petersburg for an entire year. My time abroad was one of the richest and most rewarding experiences I have ever had. I have a wide variety of interests, but I am especially interested in nationalism and ethnic conflict. More about Matthew >>


Hailey Altena | Kalamazoo, Michigan
B.A. History, Calvin College


Through two semesters of work and study in Eastern Europe I gained an affection for Eastern Europe, peoples of the region, Communist histories, and complicated politics. I wanted the academic rigor of a UNC Graduate program and I appreciated the REEES concentration as part of the Global Studies program. More about Hailey >>


Walter Gay | Greensboro, North Carolina
B.A. History, UNC – Greensboro 


My research interests include the resilience of radical intellectual movements in Imperial Russia during the late 19th and early 20th century, the spread of communist ideology in Latin American and the Caribbean after World War II and the issues of cultural identity among the ethnic Russian diaspora in former Soviet Baltic states. More about Walter >>


Paige Haynes | Fort Worth, Texas
B.A. Political Science, Wake Forest University


I am interested in transnational crime, particularly human trafficking. I appreciate the emphasis on language study in the REEES program. Some programs do not grant credit for language classes, which I consider a vital component of my graduate studies. More about Paige >>


Kristina Juergensmeyer | Atlanta, Georgia
B.A. Linguistics, Emory University 


As a linguistics major, my primary interests focus on foreign languages and language comparison and learning. The flexible structure of the program allows me to both continue to pursue my interest in language and to explore a variety of global studies, history, and geography classes.
More about Kristina >>


Ashley McDermott | Charlotte, North Carolina
B.A. Political Science and Applied Anthropology, UNC – Charlotte


I became interested in Russian history and culture from language courses and wanted to attend an interdisciplinary program with a language component. I studied abroad for a semester in Moscow in 2013 and I interned for a semester at the US embassy to Moscow in 2014. I would like to work in a US embassy abroad. More about Ashley >>


Alison Tomas | Cameron, North Carolina
B.A. International Affairs and Cultural Anthropology, Northeastern University


My prior policy work on Central Asia and the Caucuses at the DoS provided a look into the complex nature of regional identities and ethnic conflicts. This program presented an opportunity to further my knowledge of and involvement in the Eastern European region, while allowing for continued interaction with the field of Global Studies. More about Alison >>


Leah Valtin-Erwin | Alexandria, Virginia
B.A. East and Central European Studies, Hampshire College


I spent a good portion of my childhood in Berlin, where my early interest in the East and West ‘Europes’ began. The complexity of the continent, such divisions and categorizations, and foreign perceptions of East & Central Europe are mesmerizing. The REEES program offers a focused language program and interesting courses with considerable flexibility and room for specialization. More about Leah >>