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T. Jesse Dent | Charlotte, NC
Higher education reform in Post-Soviet Russia

Betsy Potter | Richmond, VA
Migration Trends from Central Asia and the Baltics to Russia since Independence

Gozel Arazmedova | Dashoguz,Turkmenistan
Women and Girls in Tajikistan: New Roles — New Expectations. Understanding the Challenges of School Participation in Tajikistan: Why Do Girls Drop Out?

Sarah Bidgood | Lancaster, PA
“Don’t gossip!”: Exploring the intersection of past and present in post-Soviet, diasporic identities

Dawes Cooke | Charleston, SC
An offer you can’t refuse: Private security and state protection in post-Soviet Russia

Manuela Mot | Bucharest, Romania
Kazakhstan and the 2010 chairmanship of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe — Progress toward democracy

Chris Plummer | Boulder, CO
Dreaming Up Snow: Registration, Restriction and Radicalization of Russiaan NGOs 2000-2010

Ian Robinson | Yale, MI
Training blackbirds: The international administration of Kosovo