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The Center for Slavic, Eurasian, and East European Studies (CSEEES) recently hosted a significant event titled “Ukraine’s Role in Global Food Security.” The event, marked by robust participation, saw over 80 attendees out of 130 registrants, reflecting high interest in this critical topic.

The panel of experts provided comprehensive insights into Ukraine’s pivotal role in the global food system, especially under current geopolitical challenges. The presentations spanned various facets of Ukraine’s contributions to global food security and the impacts of regional instability on this crucial sector.

An interactive Q&A session followed, where speakers engaged with attendees, addressing numerous inquiries and expanding on the discussion for nearly an hour.

For those interested in accessing the event materials, including presentations and the Q&A session, please contact Nataliia Bondarenko, CSEEES International Education Program Coordinator, at These resources offer valuable insights into the complexities of global food security and Ukraine’s significant role.

CSEEES thanks all participants for their involvement in this enlightening event and remains committed to fostering understanding of global issues through such informative sessions.

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