CSEEES has sponsored, and created various events and programs that have enabled the Center to reach out to communities around and outside of Chapel Hill.


In February 2015, UNC CSEEES’s Dr. Robert Jenkins, Anna Yudina and James Brennan presented the session “Beyond the Headlines: Russian Foreign Policy and the Crisis in Ukraine” at North Carolina Council for the Social Studies’ 45th Annual State Conference in Greensboro, NC.  At the session, Dr. Jenkins provided a geopolitical overview of the Ukrainian crisis, James discussed three different theoretical perspectives on the crisis and Anna presented her research on public support for Putin’s policy toward Ukraine. Both James and Anna presented topics that are part of their MA theses research.

To view their presentations from the 2015 event, click here


The video recording of the roundtable “Russia, the West, and the War in Ukraine,” held on October 10, 2014 is available on YouTube. We would like to thank the UNC Global Studies and UNC Center for European Studies for co-sponsoring and posting the video recording online.


CSEEES presented “Understanding the Ukraine Crisis: Resources for Educators” at World View’s 2014 Partner’s Program for middle and high school educators in August 2014.  Here are the links for the presentationdiscussion questions and teaching resources.


“How Crimea’s Annexation Plays to Russia’s Soviet Nostalgia”

This radio broadcast from NPR’s Fresh Air (air date March 25, 2014) shines light onto why Putin so strongly pushed for the annexation of Crimea, and how his actions change how Russia will be viewed in the global political arena for years, if not decades, to come. Professor Kimberly Marten of Columbia University is a featured guest. To learn more about the situation in Ukraine and Crimea, look out for future events sponsored by UNC CSEEES – click on the “Events” tab in the top-left corner of the screen.

The video recording from “Beyond the Headlines: Crisis in Ukraine”, presented Tuesday, March 4 2014 is available online. A big thanks to our co-sponsor UNC Center for European Studies. UCL School of Slavonic & East European Studies Library has also put together a guide to the crisis, available online.



“In Olympic Sochi, A Photographic Pregame” photographer Mikhail Mordasov showcases the city of Sochi as part of a New York Times lens blog.


In June 2013, a contingent of North Carolina educators and education administrators traveled to and met with peers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia under the auspices of a WorldView study trip – an international program for educators that was sponsored this year by UNC Center for European Studies. The group of twenty-two educators was comprised of superintendents, community college educators, elementary teachers, high school teachers, a counselor and a media resource specialist.

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