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Career Event • The Intersection of Research and Policy

January 27, 2023

The Carolina Asia Center is proud to host Amb. Piper Campbell (former US ambassador to Mongolia and now Hurst Senior Professional Lecturer in the School of International Service at American University) for a discussion of the nexus of academic research … Continued

Film Screening • The Balcony Movie (Poland, 2021)

January 26, 2023

Can anyone be a movie hero? Can the world be locked in one film frame? Acclaimed Polish documentarian Paweł Łoziński directs his camera at the sidewalk below his balcony. On this gray strip of pavement, sandwiched between dull green grass … Continued

Film Screening • Kolja (Czech Republic, 1996)

November 16, 2022

As the Cold War winds down, former concert cellist Louka (Zdenek Sverák) barely makes ends meet providing accompaniment at funerals after being blacklisted from his much cushier job with the Prague Philharmonic. For a fee, he marries a Russian woman … Continued