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Film Screening • Let There Be Light (Slovakia, 2019)

January 11, 2023

Milan has three children and does construction work in Germany in order to provide for his family in Slovakia. While visiting his home over Christmas he discovers that his eldest son Adam is a member of a para-military youth group. … Read more

Film Screening • I Never Cry (Poland, 2020)

January 11, 2023

Ola must travel to Ireland to bring her father’s body back to Poland after he died working at a construction site. But never mind her dad, Ola wants to know if he saved money for the car he had promised. … Read more

Film Screening • The Balcony Movie (Poland, 2021)

November 8, 2022

Can anyone be a movie hero? Can the world be locked in one film frame? Acclaimed Polish documentarian Paweł Łoziński directs his camera at the sidewalk below his balcony. On this gray strip of pavement, sandwiched between dull green grass … Read more