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Graduation Year:



Double Major in Political Science and Contemporary European Studies


Greensboro, NC, however I feel the most at home in Sopron, Hungary


My primary job is to move the CSEEES website to a new platform (WordPress) and then develop it. I also assist with events and their promotions.

Interest in CSEEES:

My mother is Hungarian and the maternal side of my family still lives in Sopron. I speak Hungarian, and have traveled extensively not only within Hungary but also in Europe. In addition to Hungary, I have been to Austria, Spain, Finland, the Czech Republic, Germany, and England. I love to travel. Learning about any part of Europe always interests me, so I am very happy to be working here. Working at CSEEES has given me new insight on a familiar European region.

Plans after Graduation:

I hope to move to Europe and work for the EU, or an NGO/IGO as soon as possible. I would also love to continue my education. My goal is to be involved in the United Nations someday.


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