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Terry Bacon | Park Ridge, Illinois
M.B.A. International Business, San Diego State University
Explaining Russian Strength in Central Asia • Advisor: Robert Jenkins

Jennifer L. Buxton | Holliston, Massachusetts
B.A. History, University of Utah
Perestroika Pirouettes and Glasnost Glisses: The Kirov and the Bolshoi Ballet, 1977-1991 • Advisor: Jacqueline Olich

Kathleen Marie Conti | Tuscon, Arizona
B.A. History, Randolph College
Decay on Display: The Funeral Train Journeys of Abraham Lincoln and Alexander III • Advisor: Louise McReynolds

Regina Kutle | Madison, Wisconsin
B.A. Slavic, University of Virginia
Integration Policy and Psychosocial Well-being: A Comparison of the Experiences of Refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina in Germany and Sweden, 1992-1995 • Advisor: Robert Jenkins

Abbi Molzahn | Fredericksburg, Virginia
B.A. History, Virginia Tech
Imperial Russia and the Atlantic: An Exploration of Imperial Russia’s Naval Stores Trade with Great Britain, France, and Colonial America from 1553-1783 • Advisor: Louise McReynolds

Rebecca Ruck | Moore, North Carolina
B.A. International Studies, UNC-Chapel Hill
Hai, Davai: Analyzing Language Use and National Identity in Young Adults Living • Advisor: Gareth Price

Valentin Ion | Cluj-Napoca, Romania
B.A. History, University of Bucharest
Competing Identities The Construction of National Identity in the Republic of Moldova • Advisor: Robert Jenkins

C. Devin Williams | Bristol, Virginia
Playing the Hungarian Card: An Assessment of Radical Right Impact on Slovak and Hungarian Party Systems and Post-Communist Democratic Stability • Advisor: Erica Edwards