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Kristal Bird • Anaheim, California
B.A. Business Administration, California State University-Fullerton
The Bilateral Impact of Nuclear Agreements Between The United States and Russia • Advisor: Mark Crescenzi

Hailey Altena • Kalamazoo, Michigan
B.A. History, Calvin College
Wrestling the Fourth Arm of Democracy: How the Orban Regime Undermined Media Independence in Hungary • Advisor: Milada Vachudova

Benjamin Midas • Blacksburg, Virginia
B.A. History, Virgina Tech
Nationalist Rhetoric and Public Legitimacy in Ilham Aliyev’s Azerbaijan • Advisor: Erica Johnson

Ashley McDermott • Charlotte, North Carolina
B.A. Political Science and Applied Anthropology, UNC – Charlotte
The Linguistic Landscape of Post-Soviet Bishkek • Advisor: Donald J. Raleigh

Alison Tomas • Cameron, North Carolina
B.A. International Affairs and Cultural Anthropology, Northeastern University
Legitimacy, Success, and Rebellion in Chechnya: The Rise and Fall of Chechen Independence • Advisor: Eren Tasar