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International Law and the Ukraine-Russia Crisis

FedEx Global Education Center, Nelson Mandela Auditorium 301 Pittsboro St., Chapel Hill, NC, United States

“This case has become much bigger than just Ukraine vs Russia. It has become a test of who will prevail: Russia, or the post-war international legal order.” In 2022, Harold Koh, Sterling Professor of International Law at Yale Law School, … Read more

Lecture in Jewish Studies with Marat Grinberg • Soviet Jewish Bookshelf

UNC Sonja Haynes Stone Center, Hitchcock Multipurpose Room 150 South Rd, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States

The study of Soviet Jewish culture and collective psyche presents a fascinating yet still little known subject of inquiry. Frequently subject to quotas and varying degrees of discrimination, Soviet Jews still participated fully within the larger society. Most were secular, … Read more

Film Screening • Quiet Comes the Dawn

Varsity Theater, Chapel Hill 123 East Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, NC, United States

Join us if you dare… Bring your friends, gather your courage, and immerse yourself in the bone-chilling world of Quiet Comes the Dawn (Рассвет). Quiet Comes the Dawn promises to be an unforgettable night of cinematic terror that will haunt … Read more

DEIA Lunch & Learn 2023-2024

Toy Lounge, Dey Hall

Welcome to the 2023-24 lunch & learn series for DEIA in the world language and content classroom at UNC. Through this series, we will engage with language departments, faculty, area studies centers, and visiting scholars to discuss challenges to and … Read more

Carolina Seminar with Kevin Hoeper (UNC)

Kevin Hoeper is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of History at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He focuses on the nineteenth- and early twentieth-century military culture in Central Europe, with a particular focus on the late … Read more

Kleio Prize Ceremony Honoring Dr. Bryant

Murray Hall 569 121 South Rd, Chapel Hill, NC, United States

Dr. Bryant will be delivering a lecture entitled, “Blogging and Belonging: Prague’s Czech-Vietnamese Community and What Social Media Might Have Been.” The event will take place in Pauli Murray Hall 569. There will be food and drinks, and we will … Read more

Film Screening • Mr. Jones

FedEx Global Education Center, Nelson Mandela Auditorium 301 Pittsboro St., Chapel Hill, NC, United States

The Center for Slavic, Eurasian, and East European Studies (CSEEES) proudly presents an event dedicated to exploring the historical significance of the Holodomor, the devastating man-made famine that starved millions of Ukrainians as a result of Soviet policies in the … Read more

Balkan Food Night

Blue Dogwood Market

Please join us for a student-led Balkan cooking class. Participants will prepare traditional Balkan dishes, such as gibanica, ćevapi, and palačinke. This event is open to UNC students only. Space is limited and email registration is required ahead of the … Read more