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The Future of the EU: A View from Central Europe

4003 FedEx Global Education Center

Recent series of economic, security, and political crises culminating in the UK decision to exit the European Union have sparked a new round of discussions on the EU’s future. This talk will examine the stakes in the most recent attempts … Read more

Hungary’s Foreign Policy in the Twentieth Century

4003 FedEx Global Education Center

Throughout the first half of the 20th century, Hungary’s national borders continually shifted as a result of various treaties, wars, and geopolitical alignments. There are now significant Hungarian-speaking communities in Slovakia, Serbia, Ukraine, and most notably Romania, its biggest neighbor to … Read more

Visegrad Talk • Women in Concentration Camps: Memory, Trauma, Writing

4003 FedEx Global Education Center

Written in different times, diverse political climates, and in various countries, memoirs of female Auschwitz survivors tell a compelling story of concentration camp experiences specific to women, and allow for a reflection on what it meant to be a “woman” … Read more

Conference • 1968 in Poland and Czechoslovakia in Comparison

Institute for the Arts and Humanities; Person Hall

The year 1968 was a momentous one in many spots on the globe, perhaps no more so than in Poland and Czechoslovakia. With a few exceptions, however, 1968 and its aftermath in these two countries largely have been studied in … Read more