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3009 FedEx GEC

Hana Pichova specializes in twentieth century Czech prose. Most of her published work focuses on literature in exile, specifically on memory and nostalgia. Recently she published a book, The Case of the Missing Statue: A Historical and Literary Study of the Stalin … Continued

Lunch and Learn with Klara Peter (Economics, UNC)

3009 FedEx Global Education Center

This presentation is based on Dr. Klara Peter's co-authored study on the long-term health effects of the early-life shocks caused by the Nazi occupation of the Soviet Union during WWII. The study looks at individuals who, at the time of the … Continued

Lunch and Learn with John Pickles (Geography, UNC)

4003 FedEx Global Education Center

Focusing on the apparel industry, Dr. Pickles will discuss the broader issues raised in his new book Articulations of Capital: Global Production Networks and Regional Development. His presentation will focus on the integration of central and eastern European economies into … Continued

Lunch&Learn • Recording Eastern Europe

4003 FedEx Global Education Center

In this presentation, Dr. Andrea Bohlman (Music, UNC) will share some sound objects - a flexidisc, a map, a transcription, among others - to open a conversation about the role that sound and listening have had in creating knowledge about … Continued

Global Career Night 2023

1015 Global Education Center 301 Pittsboro St, Chapel Hill

Hear from a panel of phenomenal UNC alumni in globally focused careers! Panelists represent a variety of career options: government, private industry, NGOs, and more. They will share their professional journeys from studying (like you!) at UNC, through the career … Continued