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Kleio Prize Ceremony Honoring Dr. Bryant

Murray Hall 569 121 South Rd, Chapel Hill, NC, United States

Dr. Bryant will be delivering a lecture entitled, “Blogging and Belonging: Prague’s Czech-Vietnamese Community and What Social Media Might Have Been.” The event will take place in Pauli Murray Hall 569. There will be food and drinks, and we will … Read more

Talk • From Russian Studies to Donkey Rescue

Duke University; Rubenstein 349 Breedlove Conference Room 411 Chapel Dr, Durham, NC, United States

Robin Bisha, Ph.D., is on sabbatical from her position as Professor of Communication at Texas Lutheran University to research communication between humans and non-humans as a component of interspecies spirituality. She began her academic career with graduate work in Russian … Read more

Talk • New Visions of Medieval Central Europe

569 Hamilton Hall 102 Emerson Dr, Chapel Hill , NC, United States

Join us next week for a lecture by Dr. Lisa Wolverton at UNC. Dr. Wolverton will present their talk, New Visions of Medieval Central Europe. Lisa Wolverton is Professor of History, Medieval Studies, Russian East European and Eurasian Studies at the … Read more

Focus on Ukraine • Covering the War in Ukraine as a Black Correspondent

1005 Global Education Center 301 Pittsboro St., Chapel Hill , NC

Terrell Starr, a prominent independent American journalist hailing from Detroit, brings a unique perspective to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. He is the founder and host of Black Diplomats, a weekly podcast reporting on foreign affairs and East European … Read more