Bechev, Dimitar
Research areas: EU’s external relations, the politics and modern history of Turkey and the Balkans, Russian foreign policy

DVA head shot from Georgia seminar

Van Atta, Don
Research areas: Political economy of agriculture and rural change in the former Soviet Union


Levy, Nicholas
Research areas: Russian and East European History; trade and exchange in the Socialist Bloc; state socialist political economy; Soviet-Polish relations; the global 1970s; social and economic history; urban history


Richardson, Curtis
Research areas: Nationalism; gender studies; violence; civil society in Imperial Russia

Stanskikh, Stanislav
Research areas: Russian law and constitutional history; current Russian constitutional development; U.S. immigration policies and asylum process


Stawkowski, Magdalena
Research areas: Medical anthropology; political economy; nuclear testing and health; post-Soviet transformations; Central Asia; Kazakhstan

Whitaker, Erinn
Research areas: Modern Russian politics; German-Russian relations; the Ukraine crisis; leadership studies; behavioral negotiation theory


Wolowyna, Oleh

Research areas: Demography of the 1932-33 famine in the Soviet Union; demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of Ukrainians in the US