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Logan Smith • Chapel Hill, North Carolina ’20
B.A. Political Science, UNC Chapel Hill
Thesis title: From Shockers to Heroines: International Women’s Day In the Stalinist Press, 1930-1940 • Advisor: Don Raleigh

Faith Goldsmith • Fayetteville, North Carolina ’20
B.A. Peace, War, Defense and Germanic and Slavic Languages, UNC Chapel Hill
Thesis title: Yunarmiya: A New Wave of Russian Nationalism • Advisor: Graeme Robertson

Andrew Capinos Washington, DC ’20
B.A. History, Virginia Tech
Thesis title: “An Oasis of Free Thought” in Prague: “Problems of Peace and Socialism” and the End of the Thaw, 1968-1969 • Advisor: Chad Bryant

Walter Gay • Trinidad and Tobago ’20
B.A. History, UNC – Greensboro
Thesis title: No Roads Into Rome: Russia’s Failure to Establish the Okhrana in Italy, 1900-1914 • Advisor: Erica Johnson 

James Hepburn • Charleston, South Carolina ’20
B.A. Math and Philosophy, University of South Carolina
Thesis title: The Effect of Fidesz Family Policy and Socioeconomic Factors on Fertility in Hungary • Advisor: Klara Peter