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We are located in the FedEx Global Education Center (GEC) at 301 Pittsboro Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27516; suites 3106-3111.

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    Southern Conference on Slavic Studies Winners

    Two of our students were the big winners at the Southern Conference on Slavic Studies

    Ray Belanger won best undergraduate paper for "Everywhere and Nowhere: Elite Masculinity in Sixteenth-Century Muscovy." The committee was impressed by the depth of his research, and his ability to contribute to a developing historiography about gender in Medieval Russia.

    Aaron Hale-Dorrell won best graduate paper for his "Khrushchev's Corn
    Crusade: The Industrial Ideal and Agricultural Practice in the Era of Post-Stalin Reform, 1953-1964." The committee appreciated the extent to which the author wove Soviet agricultural practices into the global scene.
    The awards carried a cash prize.

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