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We are located in the FedEx Global Education Center (GEC) at 301 Pittsboro Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27516; suites 3106-3111.

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    Jacqueline Olich

    Goldman, Leah

    Bobroff, Ronald

    Djikanovic, Bosiljka

    Grol, Regina

    Henjak, Andrija

    Janda, Laura

    Kachurin, Pamela

    Kuznetsova, Julia

    Lashchinsky, Nikolay

    Michaels, Paula

    Nagy, Zsolt

    Peck, Anna

    Petrusewicz, Mary

    Rubinstein, George

    Surh, Jerry

    Wolowyna, Oleh

    Fellows Information

    Djikanovic, Bosiljka | | CV | University Website

    • Position: Assistant Professor, University of Belgrade
    • Research: Women's health, violence prevention, violence against women, health economics, health care systems
    • Current Projects: finishing PhD by writing manuscripts for scientific journals
    • Interests: learning about practical and scientific aspects of global public health
    • Connection to CSEEES: JFDP (Junior Faculty Development Program)
    • CSEEES Tenure: 1/11/11 to 9/21/14

    Grol, Regina | | CV

    • Research: Holocaust literature, Polish-Jewish relations in Polish literature, Jewish culture in present-day Poland.
    • Current Projects: translation of Leopold Lewin poetry, compilation and translation of anthology of Polish-Jewish women's writings 1918-1939
    • CSEEES Tenure: 5/30/10 to 5/30/16

    Henjak, Andrija | | CV | University Website

    • Position: Assistant Professor, Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb
    • Research: Comparative Politics, Welfare State, Political Behavior
    • Current Projects: Population aging, welfare state and support for pension reform, communist legacies and welfare state in CEE countries, welfare state and political support in Europe
    • Interests: Comparative Politics, Political Institutions, Welfare State, Political Economy
    • Connection to CSEEES: Fellow at CSEEES in 2010
    • CSEEES Tenure: 5/13/10 to 5/13/16

    Janda, Laura | | Website | University Website

    • Position: Professor, Tromso University
    • Research: Slavic languages (especially Russian, Czech, Old Church Slavonic), cognitive linguistics, morphology
    • Current Projects: a book entitled "Why Russian Aspectual Prefixes Aren't Empty: Prefixes as Verb Classifiers", collaborative articles on various topics; a book entitled "Why Russian Aspectual Prefixes Aren't Empty: Prefixes as Verb Classifiers", collaborative articles on various topics; a project entitled “Birds & Beasts: Shaping Events in Old Russian” funded by the Norwegian Research Council
    • Connection to CSEEES: Affiliate, Former Director, will return to CSEEES in 2012-2013
    • CSEEES Tenure: 1/1/08 to 1/1/13

    Kachurin, Pamela | | CV | Website | University Website

    • Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Duke University
    • Research: Russian art of all periods; Russian and Soviet film
    • Current Projects:a book titled "Making Modernism Soviet"; "Is Pussy Riot really the new Malevich?" Contemporary Art in Russia
    • CSEEES Tenure: 3/29/11 to 3/29/14

    Kozak, Polina |

    • CSEEES Tenure: 10/15/09 to 10/14/11

    Lashchinsky, Nikolay |

    • CSEEES Tenure: 12/1/10 to 5/15/14

    Macfie, Kathleen | | Website | University Website

    • Position: Associate Professor, UNC-Greensboro
    • CSEEES Tenure: 1/11/10 to 1/20/13

    Michaels, Paula | | Website | University Website

    • Position: Associate Professor, University of Iowa
    • CSEEES Tenure: 9/26/07 to 9/21/14

    Peck, Anna |

    • Position: Associate professor Uniwersytet Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego (Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University) in Warsaw and Uniwersytet Warszawski (University of Warsaw), Poland
    • Research: Religion and politics; national identity and religion; cognitive processes and religion in the Russian Empire
    • Current Projects: monograph on availability heuristic in Christian (Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox) perception and understanding of Tibetan Buddhism (Vajrayana Buddhism) in the Russian Transbaikal before 1917.
    • CSEEES Tenure: 12/9/10 to 7/31/16

    Rubinstein, George |

    • Research: Russian and Cognitive Linguistics, Semantics and Word-Formation, teaching Russian as a foreign language
    • Current Project: researching the topic "Parallel Perfectives in Russian Clusters" for the 11th Annual Conference of the Slavic Linguistics Association
    • CSEEES tenure: 4/29/09 to 4/2/12

    Surh, Jerry, | CV | Website | University Website

    • Position: Associate Professor, North Carolina State University
    • Research: Russian jewry, pogroms, labor and revolution
    • Current Project: monograph on civil disorder around the 1905 revolution
    • CSEEES Tenure: 6/18/10 to 6/30/13

    Wolowyna, Oleh |

    • Position: Director of the Center for Demographic & Social-economics Research of Ukrainians in the US, Shevchenko Scientific Society, New York; Vice President of the Ukrainian Association of North Carolina
    • Research: Demography of the 1932-33 famine in the Soviet Union; Demographic and Social-economics characteristics of Ukrainians in the US
    • Current Project: 1923-34 famine losses in Ukraine at the Oblast and Raion levels, and comparisons with similar losses in regions of Russia
    • CSEEES Tenure: 12/9/10 to 6/30/13


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