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We are located in the FedEx Global Education Center (GEC) at 301 Pittsboro Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27516; suites 3106-3111.

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    Acting Director Appointed

    Professor Silvia Tomášková has agreed to serve as the Acting Director of the Center for Slavic, Eurasian and East European Studies for the Fall, 2013

    While Professor Bob Jenkins is leading a study aborad program overseas, Professor Silvia Tomášková has graciously agreed to serve as Acting Director.  Tomaskova.PNG

    Dr. Tomášková trained as an archaeologist and received her PhD at UC Berkeley in Anthropology (1995). Dr. Tomášková, who has taught at UNC since 2001, has a joint appointment in the Anthropology Department and in Women's and Gender Studies, and teaches courses in both units. A Czechoslovak native, she is a long-term member of the UNC CSEEES Advisory Board.

    Her professional interests combine an inquiry into the materials of the prehistoric past with a concern for present social contexts in which archaeology and other sciences operate. She specializes in early prehistory of Europe and the old world in general, moving between anthropology, archaeology, history, social studies of science, and gender studies. Dr. Tomášková recently completed a book project that traced the emergence of the "shaman" as a standard figure in anthropological archaeology. Beginning with 17th and 18th century travel reports from Siberia as a part of a colonizing effort by the Russian Empire, her book Wayward Shamans: The Prehistory of an Idea addresses the portrayal of shamans as a universal, masculine category in anthropology and prehistoric archaeology.

    At UNC-Chapel Hill Dr. Tomášková works to improve the climate for women scientists in various science departments through the Women in Science group, and by bringing distinguished women scientists to campus in an annual public lecture series. Earlier this year, Dr. Tomášková received a faculty mentoring award from the Carolina Women’s Leadership Council


    Silvia Tomášková
    Associate Professor
    Dept. of Women's and Gender Studies & Dept. of Anthropology
    UNC Chapel Hill

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