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We are located in the FedEx Global Education Center (GEC) at 301 Pittsboro Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27516; suites 3106-3111.

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    MA graduate studies


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    FLAS Recipients

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    MA RUES Fall 2014

    Adnan Dzumhur || Greensboro, NC

    Televisual and documentary approaches to Eastern Europe in the 1990s

    Luke | Naperville, IL

    Intelligence culture in Yugoslavia during the early Cold War years

    Rosavera | Fort Collins, CO

    Cultural Production and its relation to national identity and minority groups in East Central Europe

    Melissa McDonald |
    Lynnfield, MA

    Organized Crime Through Professional Sports in Russia and Eastern Europe

    Justin Williams |

    Zach | Wilmington, NC

    Social media penetration in the former Soviet Union


    MA RUES 2012

    Winter 2012

    Nick Kanios | | Hope Mills, NC

    Military Integration of New European Member States in European Defense and NATO

    Hannah Gaddis Marchman | | Mt. Pleasant, NC

    Nationalism in an International Movement: Polish Art Nouveau, 1890-1910

    Spring 2012

    Natavan Khan | | Baku, Azerbaijan

    Environmental Policy Perspectives of EU Accession of the post-conflict states: the Case of the Republic of Croatia

    Csaba Marosvari | | Szolnok, Hungary

    Political and Economic impacts of Azerbaijan’s Natural Gas Exports in the Caspian and the Eurasian context

    MA RUES 2011

    Winter 2011

    T. Jesse Dent | | Charlotte, NC

    Higher education reform in Post-Soviet Russia

    Betsy Potter | | Richmond, VA

    Migration Trends from Central Asia and the Baltics to Russia since Independence


    Spring 2011

    Gozel Arazmedova | |  Dashoguz,Turkmenistan

    Women rights in Central Asia

    Sarah Bidgood | | Lancaster, PA

    Transnational identity among members of the ex-Soviet diaspora

    Dawes Cooke | | Charleston, SC

    Private security companies in Russia

    Manuela Mot | | Bucharest, Romania

    International development, Human rights in Eurasia

    Chris Plummer | | Boulder, CO

    Civil society development in modern Russia

    Ian Robinson | | Yale, MI

    International law, the international administration of Kosovo

    MA RUES 2010

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